Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Week 6

Clearly I have work to do.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Competitive? Who? Me? Never...

Those of you who know me, likely know I'm pretty competitive. I hate to lose...(but don't worry, I'm not a some people I know). So, not only do I hate to lose, I hate to lose for the simple reason that people just seem to not care about the game. That drives me really crazy. Well, tonight, I drove myself crazy.

I lost at squash. Terribly. The fact Kelsey is beating me consistently now is starting to get to me.

I definitely need to get to the bottom of this.


Saturday, October 25, 2008


This is Barkley's buddy Tyson all dressed up as a dinosaur for tonights halloween party...

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Friday, October 24, 2008

PTO line-ups

While I love PTOs, the one downside is that if you hope to do any type of business in town on a PTO, you better set aside a good amount of time for doing so. I am writing this from the ScotiaBank, where I've been for 10 minutes and am still 20 people back from being served. Oh Fort McMurray, how I love thee.
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

100 things

Tomorrow is a PTO (I heart PTOs), so I'm staying up later than usual. Bored out of my mind because Kelsey went to bed and there's nothing interesting on TV, I found insipration on the ol' Internet and decided to take a stab at coming up with the famouse "100 things about me" list. Here goes nothing:

  1. I am boring, but I encourage you to read the next 99 things about me. I think I’m boring because I haven’t done a lot of things people my age should have done. Like smoke weed. Or even a cigarette for that matter.
  2. I broke my curfew about three times when I was a teenager. And when I did, I always told my mom about it.
  3. I love my mom. Like a lot.
  4. I love my sister. Tons.
  5. I love my dad. So so much.
  6. I hope I did enough “boy” things to make my dad feel like he didn’t miss out.
  7. After hugging my grandparents and saying hello, the first thing I do when I board their houseboat is head for the back deck to start fishing.
  8. I love baseball.
  9. When I was 12 I would make my own score sheets on lined paper and keep score of the Blue Jays game for my dad so that I could tell him about every play when he got home from work. He always thanked me—even though TSN SportsDesk did my job at 11 p.m. every night.
  10. With the exception of Catcher, I’ve played every infield position as a fast pitch player.
  11. I hate the outfield.
  12. I enjoy feeling needed.
  13. I need feedback on everything…work, clothes, hair, etc.
  14. I have too much gray hair for someone who is 27.
  15. My birthday is on October 11.
  16. I was born on my parent’s anniversary.
  17. With my grandmother’s help, my sister and I threw my parents a fantastic surprise 25th anniversary party two years ago.
  18. I miss the Okanagan.
  19. The town I grew up in had one stop light.
  20. Six of my 27 years were spent in a logging camp in northern B.C.
  21. I took my first steps on the dance floor of a bar in Hyder, Alaska
  22. My 8th birthday present was a red and white Yamaha 50 cc dirt bike
  23. I used to ride the motor bike track backwards to avoid going up the steep hill at the beginning
  24. I am a huge chicken who hates taking risks.
  25. But, I have a fairly aggressive investment style.
  26. I’m pretty good with my money, but I could be better
  27. I’m more like the ant, than the grasshopper.
  28. I love teaching grasshoppers. My sister is a grasshopper.
  29. I wish I could be more like my sister.
  30. I already regret not having more “fun” in my life.
  31. I don’t know what to do to infuse more “fun” in my life
  32. I love shopping.
  33. The best things to shop for are clothes and shoes. And house stuff. And make up.
  34. I used to make pretty decent money selling Mary Kay.
  35. I have an entrepreneurial spirit, but love the comfort of a “regular job”
  36. I work as a Communications Advisor
  37. If I won the lottery I’d still work, but I’d work for a not-for-profit organization. Or I’d start one.
  38. If I ever started a not-for-profit, I would have a hard time choosing what cause to support.
  39. I worked at the Project 118 Youth Ranch—a healing place for at-risk female youth—for nearly two years
  40. I feel best when I feel like I have made a difference…in my own life, in someone else’s life
  41. I have decided the best way to decide where to donate money is to support the causes my friends and family support.
  42. I hope my writing this doesn’t result in a sudden influx of donation requests.
  43. I feel bad for bartering and when I go to garage sales, I often try to offer more than the asking price.
  44. I like going to garage sales.
  45. I have never purchased anything very useful or valuable at a garage sale.
  46. After holding my own garage sale last year, I realized one man’s junk truly is another man’s treasure. A forest-green heart-shaped pillow with a ruffle around it? Really, lady? You wanted that? What did you do with it?
  47. I have never forgotten the phrase my grandmother shared with me when I was probably 10 years old: “If you watch your pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves”
  48. I admire my grandparents for their hard work.
  49. Every job my grandma ever had, she created herself. She owned a beauty parlor, a sewing shop, a kitchen and bunkhouse operation and a restaurant
  50. I don’t really have any favourite restaurants. Except McDonald’s J
  51. I will try different foods, but don’t really like a lot of different foods.
  52. I think ethnic food is weird and not tasty. African? Indian? Thai? Sorry. I just can’t do it.
  53. I love steak. Especially when I can dip it in sour cream.
  54. I think sour cream is the perfect condiment.
  55. I also love sour candy. Well, any candy really.
  56. If you see me at the airport, ask to see my carry on. There will always find candy.
  57. I have traveled, domestically, a lot…for work and for pleasure.
  58. I’ve been to Disneyland twice and Disney World once.
  59. The only place outside of North America that I’ve ever been is the Dominican Republic.
  60. My boyfriend has also never traveled outside of North America, except for to the Dominican.
  61. My boyfriend’s name is Brodie (born Brody). When we met, I couldn’t have imagined meeting someone more like my dad.
  62. I love Brodie’s family like my own family.
  63. I hope one day his four nephews become my four nephews
  64. Although I have a wedding file with magazine tear outs, I am scared to be married.
  65. I’m even more terrified to have kids.
  66. I lose everything.
  67. I am scared I would misplace my children.
  68. I have a word document saved on my computer with potential names for my daughter(s)
  69. I will share those names with anyone who is really interested
  70. No one ever spells my name right.
  71. When I meet new people and shake their hands, I always have to repeat my name.
  72. I am far more comfortable around older people than I am around people my own age
  73. I am thankful for the people I’ve met since moving to Fort McMurray
  74. I don’t think Fort McMurray is as bad as people say it is. I try to make the best of it.
  75. I have taken an interest in photography since I moved here.
  76. I’m not that great at it, but I like learning about it
  77. I love to read. I love self-help books, fiction, biographies, you name it.
  78. I don’t know anyone who buys more magazines than I do.
  79. If there was one talent I wish I could have, it would be interior decorating.
  80. I know I am so terrible at singing that I don’t even bother wishing I could sing.
  81. I love to sing.
  82. Country dominates my playlists, but I like a lot of different music.
  83. I played the piano when I was little, but wasn’t that great.
  84. I was also not that great at figure skating, but loved it.
  85. If there was one thing I wish I could do every single day, it would be golf.
  86. I love playing golf with Brodie. As long as he isn’t pouting.
  87. I had two goals this year: break 50 on a nine-hold round and 100 on an 18-hole round. I accomplished one of two.
  88. I’m pretty good at setting goals. Or, at least keeping goals in mind and working toward them, either consciously or subconsciously.
  89. Getting a “B” in high school almost reduced me to tears, even though I was the only one who was disappointed.
  90. I went to a hockey game with my friend, Dana, the night before my Math 12 provincial exam.
  91. The Math 12 provincial exam is the only test I’ve ever failed. I got 49%.
  92. I only buy 6/49 tickets when the jackpots are really big and the odds of winning are pretty much impossible.
  93. I like to gamble and play online poker for real money when I’m bored.
  94. The most I’ve ever won playing poker is $72.
  95. I don’t have an addictive personality. Unless we’re talking about candy.
  96. I have a basset hound named Barkley who likes red Swedish Berries.
  97. There are few things in my life I wish were different.
  98. But, it still bugs me that I wish these few things were different
  99. In my heart, I am content. I think.
  100. I can't believe I made it to 100.



Chocolate banana

On the way home from squash tonight:

Kels: Last week I had one of those pieces of chocolate and then I ate a banana. Later on, I burped and it was like chocolate banana. Yum!

Lanette: (hysterical, but disgusted, laughter).

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No words

The graph speaks for itself.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Before the final blow is delivered

Kelsey covering her peepers as she waits for the third and final out that would dash her World Series dreams.
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As the Bo Sox go down.

Kelsey's reaction to out #2 in the top of the 9th in the ALCS.
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Finally a post

I have been reluctant to post lately since I don't have the best news to report when it comes to the Biggest Loser contest. The time since my birthday hasn't been so hot for me. I haven't figured out if it was my birthday or the giant bag of Tootsie Roll halloween candy I bought three weeks early that has led to my recent demise.

We have another weigh in on Tuesday and I'm once again expecting less than stellar results, but after this week, it's balls to the wall, baby. it okay if I say that?

For your viewing pleasure (and laughter) here are the results from week four:

I also wanted to share the above photo of Brodie and I together on my birthday because we never have photos taken of us together, let alone half decent ones.

And, I will end this post now as Kelsey and I are wrapped up in Game 7 between the Bo' Sox and the Rays.

Memorable quote:

Kelsey (after an intense game of squash): I hate sweating.

Me: Really? I don't mind it.

Kelsey: Ugh. It's disgusting. Your ass cheeks get slippery and when I sweat, I don't want any part of my body to touch any part of my body.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Safeway rant

Look at the following images and tell me: which one does not belong???

If you picked the shopping cart, then you win. If you picked the shopping cart, you are also likely to find yourself out of place in the "Self Check-Out" line at Safeway if you have a cart and everyone else around you has a basket. You would especially realize you were out of place if your shopping cart was filled with over $200 worth of groceries and everyone else's baskets were filled with a maximum of about 15 items.

If you did not pick the shopping cart out of the above string of images, then let me teach you a little lesson my friend. If you are at the grocery store and standing in a line that includes nothing but baskets, you should look around for the lines where people have carts. You clearly do not belong in the self-check out line.

This is especially true if there are only THREE self-checkout stands.

Tonight at Safeway I encountered this very situation. Two of the three stands were occupied by "cart people" while the rest of us had baskets. Actually, I had so few items that I didn't even need a basket. The other issue with this situation was that one of the "cart people" didn't even know how to quickly operate the self-checkout.

So, if this post has prevented even one person from standing in the self-checkout line with a cart full of groceries, the world has become a better, more pleasant place and I consider my work done.

A fantastic weekend

Good friends, good family and good times - that's how I'd describe this past weekend.

Brodie flew up from Calgary on Friday at 6 o'clock. Kels and I picked him up and we all decided we' d have a low-key night. We picked up "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", made a healthy dinner of extra lean turkey meat balls, broccoli and whole wheat rolls and just lounged around for the evening.

Saturday was my birthday, and anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE birthdays (not just myown, either...). I love unwrapping gifts, I love surprises, and I love sharing them with people who are close to me. Yup, birthdays were made for people like me.

Clothes, books and some cash (along with the Little Mermaid DVD) made their way into my life this year. While these were great, the best part of my birthday was having Brodie and Kelsey here with me. The three of us have played squash together, cooked a couple of meals (including some of the side dishes for last night's Thanksgiving dinner), and just hung out. Saturday we planned to have dinner with my friends Kristen, Mike and Jesse. The lounge at Earl's was the meeting place and after dropping a pretty penny on several drinks and a delicious meal, we decided to head back to Chez Lundquist for a little game Kelsey introduced us to: Bullshit Pyramid. Well, it got pretty messy, but it was also pretty hilarious. There are several photos from this grand night, and I'm sure they'll make their way to Facebook or Kelsey's blog soon.

Of course, yesterday was Thanksgiving and Kristen and Mike were gracious enough to invite us, and three others, over for dinner. Mike cooked up a delicious butterball and sweet potatoe pie, Kristen made their home look beautiful with tiger lillies and gourds, and Kels and I provided apple crips, garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and cheese sauce. It was delicious and helped us forget that we weren't with the rest of our family on what is normally a grand occasion in the Lundquist/Valihora clans.

Today we're playing squash at 11:30 and then not sure what else the three of us will do.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with good food, good friends and good times.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


This was my card from Brodie. This child-liken card is pretty indicative of what was inside.....a card about farts. Of course, the punch line related to "old farts", but the rest of the card was about actual farts. Nice Brod. Love you too.......

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Go Blue Go!

I love the Canucks. I love 'em even more when they beat the Flames. Not because I don't like the Flames--I do--but because Brodie cheers for the Flames. And, he cheers even harder when they play the Canucks.

Last night's game was a fantastic first battle and I look forward to many more lopsided victories for the blue team.

I also love that it was Luc Bourdon night, but my favourite part of last night's game was this comment made by a Canucks fan on today's Globe & Mail story (it's the one at the very kerry).

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Two more sleeps!

It is only two more sleeps until Brodie arrives for one of the most important weekends of the year - MY BIRTHDAY!

Oh, he'll be here for Thanksgiving, too.

This will be the first time he's been up since I moved here in April, so I'm excited to show him our little place, go out for birthday dinner and just hang out. We're gonna watch movies, cook things for the fantastic Thanksgiving potluck we're going to at Kristen and Mike's and just enjoy each other's company. I'm excited.

This week is going by fairly quickly, mostly due to the insane amount of projects I'm working on at work. It's non-stop, but it makes the days fly by, so I like it.

Things at Chez Lundquist are also going well. Kels and I are doing lots of cooking together and we're playing squash about three or four days every week, so it's helping us lead the Biggest Loser competition. Kelsey has come out on top two out of the three weeks, but I took first place this week. I really need to start hitting the gym to do some strength training. Playing squash, and squash only, really isn't doing it for me. I like to get in there, do some work on the treadmill, lift some weights, etc. etc. etc. To me, that's working out. Plus, I like watching excess inches and pounds turn into muscle. Kelsey is so anti-gym it's crazy, but I'm convinced I can get her in there one of these days. One of the arguments that seems to be hitting home with her is that a pound of muscle burns a lot more calories than a pound of fat. I think if I just keep repeating that little factoid every so often, she'll cave and we'll be pumping iron in no time.

In other news, we have figured out our Christmas plans. I will be heading to Calgary and so will my family to spend Christmas in our new house! Kelsey will fly to Kelowna and then drive out to Calgary with Mom, Dad and Rocky (I know...long story) and then she's going to head to Vancouver on the 27th. Mom and Dad will stick around in Calgary until the 29th. It should be a great visit. It's sad that I won't be home in the Okanagan for a while, but oh well, I did get there a couple of times this summer.

Now, I must turn my attention back to the mindless television shows Kelsey makes me watch.

Hope you are all doing well. I miss you!



Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Week 3 results

We're three weeks in to our Biggest Loser: Sibling Rivalry.

This week, I take the gold medal. What's my winning strategy?

Here it is: one week have lots of cheat days, the next week, have no cheat days.

Keep it going kids, we're all heading in the right direction.