Sunday, September 12, 2010

Somethin' to talk about

Ladies and gentleman, please mark this date on your calendars. I finally have something to blog about.

Today, on hole #9 at the Fort McMurray Golf Club, yours truly got an ace! Not just any ace, but an albatross!

That's right...a hole in one on a par 4. Wooo hooooooooo!

Here's how it went down:
1. Boys tee off at white tee box
2. Boys accompany Lanette to red tee box.
3. Lanette tees up, smacks ball, watches it approach green.
4. Ball bounces up to the green, boing boing, rolls, and disappears.
5. Lanette's heart stops because she thinks it may have just gone in. But, boys aren't saying anything, so doesn't open her mouth for fear of the ball actually being 10 feet away from the hole.
6. Boys, thinking the ball was just a straight drive, have dropped heads and are moving toward their own balls.
7. Rossy realizes Lanette's ball is not on green where he expected and asks if it should be on there.
8. Lanette tells him yes.
9. Rossy walks up ahead and confirms: BALL. IN. HOLE.
Sweet jesus baby, that's a hole in one.
Here are the details:
Course: Fort McMurray Golf Club
Hole: #9
Distance: 200 - 225 (scorecard says 277, but I think that's from an old tee box location).Ball - Club: Driver
Ball: Precept Lady iq180 (my favourite...well my favourite ball I can afford to buy and lose. My ultimate favourites are the pricey ones that cost $6 each).