Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Crossfit? Sure. Whatever works.

I like a good challenge as much as the next gal and when that next gal is your sister, a healthy dose of sibling rivalry makes the challenge even better.

Kelsey and I have recently embarked on a little fitness adventure known as Crossfit. We joined a Facebook group, Crossfit Villa, which is lead by a hometown friend, Lars and are starting to get our booties moving.

It may not be pretty now, but come summer, I hope it looks a whole lot better! So far, we have one WOD (workout of the day) complete and another day of cardio in the books.

Wish us both luck as we trim fat, strengthen our muscles and feel like we've never felt before, all while hurling harmless curse words in Lars' direction.


Anonymous said...

Fatless freaks, that'll be us.

sugarmouse said...

all the very best! :D